Alfons Leerkes NVJ/IFJ

Demografisch Expert

Curriculum Vitae Alfons Leerkes


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The Netherlands


Date of Birth:

20 - 8 - 1955





Work Motivation

Driven entrepreneur who finds it a challenge to use his creativity in a dynamic development environment with the goal to turn new ideas into profitable products and services. Many years of experience in the financial sector, demographic development and tourism.

Work experience

2018 - Present

Chairman 50PLUS Utrecht/ Chairman Scientific Institute 50PLUS

Chairman of the political party 50PLUS Utrecht and chairman of the scientific Institute of 50PLUS, which researches and conducts for the political debate.

2015 - 2019

Manager Reisvraagbaak/Voyagerinfo
Developing websites to provide information for worldwide travellers in Dutch and English. Chairman of the cooperation Reisvraagbaak/Voyagerinfo

2012 - 2016

Manager Achmea Internal Customer Centre
Managing a team of 7 account managers within the department of document logistics. Stimulating and helping internal partners to digitalize their document logistics to reduce costs.

2007 - 2013

Member Works Counsel Achmea Logistics
Specialization: Strategy,Finance,Staff,Procurement and HR.

2003 - 2012

Manager Achmea Studio
Managing a team of 25 marketing/communication professionals. Developing digital and non digital communication tools for different brands within Achmea. Developing interactive communication tools for the Internet.

2010 - 2012

Member Central Works Counsel Achmea Holding
Specialization Strategy and Finance.

2001 - 2005

Project manager Eurapco
Project manager Harmoney project. Developing strategy and ideas for life and non life insurance products and services for the markets of the European partners within Eurapco. ( Germany, Sweden, England, France, Spain, Greece, Poland and the Netherlands ). Organizing exchange of knowledge in the group, evaluating chances and risks in the future. Initiating demographic research on the effect of the ageing population.

2001 - 2003

Manager Marketing Communication Avero Achmea
Managing a team of 8 marketing professionals. Developing communication tools for Avero for life and non life products.

1996 - 2003

Manager Top Services
Managing a team of 7 marketing professionals. Offering marketing support for independent insurance brokers.

1998 - 1998

Project Manager Eureko
Making a country profile report on Romania. Investigating the economical prospects, the insurance market and the business possibilities for Eureko in Romania.

1991 - 1995

Manager Centraal Beheer Achmea
Managing Life and Non Life insurance portfolio B-B. Responsible for the result of the insurance portfolio. Insurance products: Property, Health, Disability, Accident and Car insurance

1985 - 1991

Manager Insurance Broker
Selling Life and Non Life insurance products. B-C. Responsible for achieving the sales targets. Insurance products: Property, Health, Disability, Accident, Car insurance , Life- and Pensions

1983 - 1984

Sales Manager Aegon
Selling Life and Non Life insurance products to consumers. Insurance products: Property, Health, Disability, Accident, Car insurance , Life- and Pensions

1972 - 1982

Entrepreneur in Furniture
Manufacturing oak furniture.

Training and courses

1967 - 1972

Veluws College, Apeldoorn

1974 - 1974

Middle Class Diploma
LOI, Leiden

1976 - 1976

Pattern Diploma Furniture
Bond van Meubileringbedrijven, Utrecht

1982 - 1982

Insurance B diploma
Veluwsche Assurantieclub, Apeldoorn

1983 - 1985

Insurance A Diploma
Veluwsche Assurantieclub, Apeldoorn

1984 - 1984

ANVA Broker System

NVA, Amersfoort

1990 - 1990

EXACT Insurance software
Exact internal  

IT skills

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Power Point


Drupal development software


MWM2 survey tool




Native speaker


Very Good


Very Good